Social Media Saturday: Why Sharing Memes is Good for Business


In meeting with prospective clients about the direction they'd like to take with their social media presence, almost all of them have expressed something to the effect of "I don't want to post a bunch of random stuff that doesn't have to do with my business." I get it. The natural inclination is that we want to post as much as we can about the value and benefits of your products or services, so one would assume that your posts should all be geared toward doing just that. Not only is that not necessarily true, but I also believe that it's one of the top reasons young businesses fail at social media, ESPECIALLY for those of us in network marketing/direct sales. Before you stop reading this article, close the window and forget about me forever, let me explain what I mean by "fluff." When I talk about fluff posts, I'm referring to the chain letter-style graphics that get passed around and around through social networks and then die off eventually. Let me share an example I recently shared myself on Facebook (these types of posts generally perform much better on Facebook because of the ease with which they can be shared):


Notice that this is a simple graphic (although posted as a video for some reason, even though there is no video element to the post. I can only assume the original creator did this as a means of tracking views and not only likes/comments) meant to help users determine a Halloween costume. Nothing particularly value-heavy here, BUT posts like this are engagement-boosting MACHINES. When people see posts like this that pose a question or present a call-to-action, our instinct is to provide an answer or response. We WANT to share by nature. Notice the view count on this. Over 4.5 MILLION views in two days (posted 9/21, screen shot is from 9/23). On my page alone, this post received about double the number of comments I typically see, and people in my network are engaging with each other as well...all on MY page. Meanwhile, a post I shared earlier the same day highlighting a new product from my MLM comment, and that was from my mom.

Here's why this matters. If you've done any digging at all into Facebook and Instagram, you've heard of 'THE ALGORITHM,' or the formula these platforms use to prioritize content based on it's relevance and importance to the individual user. When you post on your business Facebook page or Instagram account, there is no guarantee that all of your followers will actually see it. Wild, I know, but that's the social media world we live in. The way we as business owners can help our content perform well enough in the algorithm to be featured on our followers' feeds and on the Top Posts feature in Instagram is by accruing solid engagement figures. If you have a follower like and/or comment on one of your posts, the odds that your next post will be featured prominently on their feed improve drastically.

Nobody wanted anything to do with my post about my newest product (to be fair, I'm with a health/wellness MLM, and it's notoriously difficult to get engagement on product posts for us, because users are expecting that any kind of engagement will be viewed by the poster as an invitation to message them directly and attempt to sell the product to them), BUT because I utilize other posts that people DO want to see and DO engage with, I can be rather confident that many of my followers at least SAW the product post. So in a way, that mentality of wanting to put your products and services in front of as many people as possible holds true, but the methods necessary to make that happen are not as straight-forward as you'd expect.

For those of you currently hyperventilating at the thought of voluntarily sharing cheesy memes and "What is your drag queen name?" content on your page, breathe easy. There is ABSOLUTELY a way to incorporate the methodology that causes these fluffy posts to go viral overnight into your brand and marketing strategy.

You can get a little but fluffy with your content without selling out and going full fluff. Lucky for you, that happens to be a specialty of mine. If you're finding yourself wondering if it's time to switch up your content strategy but aren't quite sure where to begin, I can help. Send me an e-mail at to request a free consultation. We'll take 30 minutes on Skype, over the phone, or in-person for those in the Bangor/Orono area to discuss your current strategy, your goals, and some ways I can help you achieve them. No commitment, and no pressure. Embrace the fluff, my friends.

Until next time!