Social Media Saturday: Why You Can't Beyoncé Your Way to Instagram Success


Whether or not you're a fan personally, you have to admit that Beyonce has amassed a following unlike any other. With 107 million Instagram followers, 15.1 million Twitter followers, and over 64 million likes on her official Facebook page, it's hard to deny that people want to hear what she has to say, and the Beyhive has shown in the past that they aren't shy about their devotion to the Queen B. However, for all of her influence and social media clout, she actually breaks just about ALL of the widely-accepted rules of social media etiquette and conduct. Let's break it down. I'll be focusing on Instagram, since it's the fastest-growing social platform and the one she is most successful at (4th most followed on IG versus #14 on Facebook and outside the top 100 on Twitter). Check out these 3 reminders that you are not in fact Beyonce, nor should you take your cue from her in managing your Instagram presence:

Following Literally Nobody (aka Why Don't You Love Me?)

For ALL of those followers, Beyonce is following absolutely ZERO other users. Granted, this may be a conscious decision to avoid drama or misconception, but the standard in the social media world is that in order to achieve higher engagement, you have to engage with other users. By choosing not to follow or engage with any other users, you will seriously hamper your efforts to build an engaged audience.


Multiple Posts Back-to-Back (aka Deja Vu)

For about three months now, Queen B has made a habit of posting in groups of three (something that will look REAL cute when the rumored 4x4 grid layout hits the platform). For we mere mortals, this presents a couple issues. First, the posts would likely share engagement, therefore diluting it's impact. Followers are far less likely to like or comment on all three posts at once than they are to do so on just one. It makes it more difficult to promote your posts as a group than individually. Second, you'd be creating your own competition in terms of trying to rank on the Top Posts and Discover pages of Instagram. It's hard enough to compete with all of the other users on the same hashtags, but when we overpost, we are now competing against our own content as well. The general rule of thumb is to post once or twice per day, and if you have multiple photos that "go together," share them in one post using the carousel option or space them out so that you aren't battling with your own content.

No Captions or Hashtags (aka incomplete Formation)

We RARELY see captions used with Beyonce's posts, and when she uses hashtags, it's usually a single hashtag and one that she and her team have created themselves. This would NEVER work for we commoners. First off, the caption is where most of us communicate the actual message we want our followers to take away. It's also where we place a CTA (call to action). It's where we direct users to our bio link, ask them to check out a business that sponsored our post, or ask them to follow if they like what they see. We use hashtags to reach new audiences and connect with new potential customers, clients, or partners. All things Beyonce doesn't really need to worry about, since her followers are doing it anyway.

Moral of the story: Unless you're a multi-platinum recording artist with millions of people anxiously awaiting your next post, you'll probably have to do a few of the things above. If this has you Ringin' the Alarm and Wishing on a Star for help, you've come to the right Baby Boy. Good social media is Irreplaceable, and Me, Myself, and I are here to give you the tools and support you need to Run the World. Contact me through e-mail or Video Phone to set up a free consultation and strategy session. You won't be Sorry you did!

**Dear Beyhive: Please don't come after me for this. I love Her Majesty as much as anybody, but let's be real, none of us will get 107 million followers doing what she does. She woke up like this, but we did not.**