Using Social Media in an MLM: Connecting and Engaging with your Ideal Customer on Social Media

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That's a direct quote from Kelly, a Pruvit promoter I've been working with for a few weeks now. She is a stay-at-home mom who wanted to be able to contribute financially to the family, and saw Pruvit as the way to do so, but no matter how much time she put in, she wasn't seeing the results her upline assured her would come. She was 'filling the pipeline' with people who had liked or commented on her posts and hit up her friends and family to buy, but she wasn't converting those people to actual paying, recurring customers.

That's when she saw one of my Instagram posts and reached out to talk about working with me. We worked together to figure out who she wanted to do business with, where to find them and when, and how to speak their language and connect with them on an individual, personal level.

Kelly now gets comments and DMs every day from people who have questions or want more information about Pruvit and the products she promotes. She doesn't have to chase people down, send dozens of cold messages, or guilt her friends and family into buying to help her stay active. She gets to help her family pay their bills and even put a little aside for their next family trip or big purchase. She's getting to live the life that she had dreamed of when she first started her network marketing biz in the first place!

If you're a network marketer or direct seller who can relate to Kelly's story, I'm BEGGING you, please shoot me an email so we can chat about what I can do for you. I know what it's like to watch your upline go on incentive trip after incentive trip and tell you that you'll be on the next one, just to watch the same tactics they preach fail to give you the same results. Especially if you offer a health and wellness/fitness product, you need to take a different approach, and the old techniques most companies are still using just aren't effective anymore.

There's a better way, and I can help. Let's talk!