'Being My Own Boss:' The Case for Starting Your Own Business

It's no WONDER there are so many people fed up with the job market and their employer setting the rules. Take a look at this job advertisement, seeking a 'Personal Assistant/Project Manager' in southern California: 


So let's break this down, shall we? These folks are looking for someone who can onboard and manage client projects, communicate directly with clients, manage the executive's calendar, plan events, manage social media and a blog, edit photos, assist on video/photo shoots, create online courses and products, run personal errands, walk dogs, has a car they're willing to drive 30+ miles in the San Diego area with, clean the office, AND they want someone who is willing to work for $15/hour for just 10-15 hours per week, but with full-time availability and enough flexibility to work weekends and pick up last-minute tasks when necessary...

So you want a salaried executive assistant that you only have to pay part-time wages for. At least they're honest when they admit that they're 'looking for a unicorn.'

And if someone has ALL of those skills and experience completing all of those tasks, WHY would they want to work for somebody else? Of course they're going to be interested in going into business for themselves! How is someone supposed to live on 10-15 hours without picking up a second job in order to keep their availability open as requested?

The fact is, with the largest generation in history reaching working age, there are just FAR more applicants than there are jobs in some places, so employers can be as picky and demanding as they want. Remember this the next time you want to make a snide comment or put down a friend or connection who has turned to something like network marketing or launching their own business as a means of supporting themselves and their families.

We're all just trying to make ends meet, and some of us have chosen to do so in an unconventional way. Support your small biz friends. Buy their products and services. Like or share their social media posts. It all matters more than you may realize.