Telegram Pod Basics

-1. Make sure you have engaged with the last 24 hours of posts BEFORE you share your own post. Pods may be 'like' pods, 'comment' pods, or both, depending on the type of engagement that is required. To open a post, simply tap on the link contained within the group chat feed. Remember, IG is a game of give and take. Those who only take are missing the point, and it will catch up to them.

-2. Copy the link for the specific IG post you'd like engagement on (NOT the link to your Instagram profile). It should look something like this:

-3. Paste the link into the chat box within the Telegram group. When the link is pasted, a gray bar will appear just above the text box, and it will include a preview of your IG profile, including your name and the headline of your IG profile. At the far right of that gray bar there is an X. Click that X to remove the preview. Removing the image preview helps to keep the group feed cleaner and minimize the amount of scrolling and time members have to spend sifting through other members' posts. 

-4. Once the preview has been removed, you can then submit your post to be added to the group chat feed. Often, members will include a note saying "Done" or "Caught up" to indicate that they have engaged with the most recent 24 hours of posts, but this is not necessarily a requirement.

-5. If you notice that a specific member has not engaged, you can @ mention them in a group post to ask them to do so. You can also send them a private Telegram message by tapping on their profile bubble or name, then tapping the speech bubble icon. Remember to keep your messages respectful and polite, even when frustrated or having a difficult conversation.

-6. You'll notice that many pods require members to follow the group admin/admins. There is a valid reason for this. On one hand, it makes it easier to check who has engaged and who has not. It's also a way of rewarding the admin for their voluntary commitment of time and energy in recruiting for and moderating the group. Don't get offended or put off by this request. Remember, pods are about networking and building connections, so following other members can be a great idea anyway, particularly if they fall within the same industry that you serve.

-7. NETWORK. Pods are typically limited to folks within a particular industry or interest, so take the opportunity to connect with fellow members. You never know when you might find a new collaborator, business partner, or friend!